Emergency Management

Prism Medical Products, LLC

Emergency Management Plan

In the event of an emergency that would result in an interruption of service, Prism is committed to ensuring adequate coverage for patient services.

The Crisis Management Team consists of the President, Vice Presidents, Director of Compliance & Government Affairs, Director of Human Resources. Other members of the management team, as designated, are responsible for coordinating, directing and delegating personnel activities during an emergency. Human Resources maintains a current personnel phone list, which is used as the emergency telephone tree.

Coordination, direction and delegation of personnel activities during an emergency will be conducted from the Crisis Management Team’s designated location.

Personnel are trained on the Emergency Management Plan (EMP) during general orientation and on an annual basis.

Personnel participate in training programs to develop adequate knowledge and skills necessary to perform in multiple client related job categories, if so needed.

The Emergency Management Plan will be evaluated annually at randomly selected times. Compliance & Government Affairs and Human Resources will conduct the coordination of annual tests. Drills are critiqued by the Crisis Management Team to identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

On an annual basis, a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis will be evaluated. The Compliance Committee is involved in the analysis and completion of the Vulnerability Analysis chart. The data collected is aggregated by Compliance & Government Affairs. If there is a change in the impact of potential emergencies, the Emergency Management Plan will be updated accordingly.

The Plan (all emergencies):

  1. In the event of an emergency, that has interrupted the normal delivery of services, the Crisis Management Team or their designee(s) will be contacted to direct and coordinate emergency activities.
  2. The Crisis Management Team and 1st Level Key Personnel will determine how to best meet the needs of clients and to safeguard the staff in the event of an emergency. Crisis Management Team will determine if outside agencies, including 911 should be contacted.
  3. Should the emergency occur during normal business hours, the Crisis Management Committee is required to meet in an available conference room to discuss and implement the plan.
  4. Human Resources maintains current contact information for all personnel in a format to explain the flow of communication.
  5. Emergency Kit(s) will be located at each location and include: First aid supplies and a Bloodborne Pathogen Kit. A flashlight and extra batteries will be located near each designated safe area. Employees are instructed to utilize cell phones for additional emergency lighting, as needed.
  6. Urgent or lifethreatening situations where shipment is not possible from any Prism location or contracted vendor should be facilitated by: Contacting an alternate supplier of the service in closer proximity to the client. Contacting authorities for possible assistance or evacuation to an appropriate healthcare facility.
  7. Prism will provide the Crisis Management Team with the following support depending on the severity of the emergency: temporary housing, transportation, incident stress debriefing.

Plans for Specific Emergencies:


  1. A power outage at one or more locations will cause workflow to be redirected to alternate locations where employees have access to client records.
  2. A temporary server is utilized in the event of a server failure.
  3. Client carerelated activities (such as scheduling, modifying or discontinuing services) will be prioritized to meet the needs of patients to ensure that there is not an interruption of service.
  4. The Crisis Management Team will assign personnel duties to best meet the needs of the clients.
  5. Incoming calls will be routed to locations that continue to have phone access. Cell phones may be utilized as a backup communication system.
  6. Once power is restored, The Crisis Management Team will check that computers systems and phones are functioning properly. All personnel should obtain instructions from their Manager prior to logging onto their computers

Severe Weather

  1. Personnel should notify their Managers after becoming aware of a tornado warning. The Vice President will be notified. A radio or television will be turned to the emergency broadcast system.
  2. The Vice President of Operations will meet with the Crisis Management Team to inform and discuss the possibility of an impending emergency.
  3. If it is necessary to take shelter, employees will be notified by an air horn, using 3 short blasts. This will indicate initiation of an internal evacuation.
  4. Field personnel will be notified of the potential areas to avoid due to a tornado.
  5. The phone system should only be used to call for help during a tornado.


  1. In the event of severe weather, all personnel that can report safely to work will do so. Personnel that are unable to travel may be utilized to conduct client services from home.
  2. The Crisis Management Team will obtain local weather information to determine the severity of the storm. It may be necessary for an early release of personnel. Multifunctional personnel may be asked to stay behind to accept and process any incoming information. Secure transportation may be provided for those asked to stay.
  3. If it is necessary to take shelter, personnel will be notified by an air horn, using 3 short blasts. This will indicate initiation of an internal evacuation.
  4. General and personal voicemails and automatic email response will be updated upon leaving the office to reflect the closure details. Messages should state: reason for closure, closure time, reopen time, and a referral to contact 911 in the event of an emergency.
  5. Personnel will call clients according to the priority listing to determine their status and discuss plans for service.
  6. Field personnel will call the referring facilities in their territories to provide pertinent information.
  7. The Crisis Management Team will determine if there is a need to contact another vendor to assist in the coordination of client care.


  1. If a fire should occur, personnel within the building will be notified with one long blast of an air horn. Personnel should use the nearest emergency exit to evacuate the building.
  2. All employees will congregate at the designated safe area grouped by their departments. They should remain a safe distance away from the building.
  3. All managers or their designee shall conduct a head count. All personnel are not to reenter the building until it is deemed safe by local fire authorities.

Suspicious Package/Substance

  1. If a suspicious package/substance has been determined to be within the facility, the immediate area is quarantined, including any personnel who came in direct contact with the package/substance. In some situations, personnel who came in contact with the package/substance may need to be evacuated.
  2. All other personnel are evacuated to a safe area outside of the facility using one long blast of the air horn.
  3. Ventilation to the facility is turned off.
  4. Request assistance from local emergency/response agencies, including HazMat Team.
  5. All personnel are not to reenter the building until it is deemed safe by local emergency response teams.

Termination of the EMP

The Crisis Management Team will assess the status of the emergency. Once it has been established that the emergency has passed, the Crisis Management Team will notify the staff

Recovery Phase

  1. Managers will assess the need for recovery actions and plan accordingly to ensure those actions are met.
  2. Secure, remote workstations may be set up.
  3. Packing of supplies will be redirected to the available warehouse(s). If no warehouse is operational, shipments will be redirected to available contracted vendors who can adequately supply the clients with their needs.
  4. When restricted from all possibilities to provide patients with the needed supplies; Clients will be referred to their treating doctor for further instruction.

06/24/2021 EH,LK Update